Control of fire-fighting equipment

Commissioning of gas extinguishing system using extinguishing agent Novec (FK-5-1-12) or FM 200 (HFC-227ea) can be implemented in three ways:

The basic method is automatic activation, via the fire alarm system

The second way is manual remote activation, which can be achieved by pressing a button located outside the room

The third way is manual actuation, which can only be carried out by workers inside the room with a manual trigger located on the tank valve.

When triggered, the detector indicates its state by red flashing light of the LED mounted on the enclosure. If a detector installed in the space under the technical floor or in the ceiling void is triggered, its status is indicated on the board above the room entrance.

If a button on the fire panel is confirmed, the operator has a set time to check the danger. If there is no reaction from the operator, after the preset time period the following takes place Level I alert. One of the indicator lights comes on LINE 1 or LINE 2. The general alarm display flashes with the words FIRE
The automatic extinguishing control panel performs the following actions:

  •  the sounders in the room are activated
  • fire dampers in the supply air ducts are closed and ventilation of the room is switched off.
  • The automatic extinguishing system waits for a signal from the fire panel that an alarm has been triggered on the second detector line. In case the second detector line is not tripped or does not intervene, the 1st level alarm condition will be cancelled automatically after 3 hours from the moment of its occurrence.

Detector activation on the second detector zone triggers Level I| alert and start the automatic extinguishing procedure:

  • the activation of visual alarms calling for evacuation.
  • a countdown of the time until the extinguishing agent is released starts.

After the time for evacuation has elapsed;

  • activation of external visual signalling devices above the entrances to the room to indicate the start of extinguishing and prohibition of entry.
  •  providing a signal to the solenoid valve, which releases the cylinders from the set.

The extinguishing agent, after being released from the cylinder, goes through cylinder valves, flexible hoses, non-return valves to the collector. From the collector, through the main expansion nozzle and distribution pipelines, it gets to the expansion nozzles located in the defended room under the ceiling and in the space under the technical floor. Extinguishing gas is released in the room.
On the faceplate of the automatic extinguishing panel, the red lamp flashes. Extinguishing.

In front of entrances to gas extinguishing rooms, there are EXTINGUISHING START and EXTINGUISHING STOP.
Buttons EXTINGUISHING STOP are used to stop the automatic extinguishing procedure.
Buttons EXTINGUISHING START are used to resume the procedure.

It is also possible to trigger the extinguishing agent without the participation of the automatic fire extinguishing centre.
Manual emergency tripping can be carried out by overriding the manual actuator marked in red located on the kit cylinder valve.