Fire protection system - purpose

In every facility there is a threat of smoke or fire, so it is worth taking care to have a proper fire alarm system. The purpose of a fire alarm system is to detect the fire hazard in a facility as quickly as possible. It also activates systems supporting fire safety, such as fire closing systems or smoke removal systems, and transmits information via signalling devices to all persons on the need to evacuate.

Fire alarm systems ensure that users can react to the danger in a suitably short time, and thus ensure that people can leave the fire zones safely and that the emergency services can react quickly.

The fire alarm systems offered by our company work together with other fire safety systems and carry out the following tasks through control and monitoring:

fire alarm systems
  • smoke extraction from escape routes in the building
  • removal of smoke in endangered areas
  • activation of fire-fighting systems
  • initiation of installation of gas or water extinguishing systems

As a company with many years of experience in the fire protection industry, we offer you comprehensive and professional services related to installation of fire alarm systems. We specialise in protecting both office and commercial buildings and industrial facilities, characterised by complex technological processes and difficult living conditions. Thanks to the knowledge we have gained throughout all the years of our activity, we can offer solutions tailored technically and financially to individual customer requirements.

  •    design work
  •     delivery of equipment
  •     installation of the fire alarm system
  •     integration with facility security systems
  •     implementation and training
  •     servicing
alarm systems

For installations we use devices of the leading manufacturers of fire alarm systems on our market, such as POLON-ALFA, W2, ESSER, SCHRACK, D+H.

The fire alarm systems implemented by our company comply with all applicable standards and regulations, and the installed devices have attestations and certificates of approval issued by certification institutes.